"Photoglazed" Plates

At last, you can now produce beautiful decorative Porcelain or China Plates with Photographs, and without investing a single penny in any equipment! Our unique process does not use any harmful or expensive chemicals. All you need to create beautiful works of art is our special "Creative Copy Film". (CCF)

When you use our Creative Copy Film, creating personalised Porcelain/China Plates becomes as easy as ABC!. Just follow these three simple steps to produce highly profitable and highly saleable personalised products!
  1. Use your inkjet printer or colour laser copier/printer and print out onto our special CCF paper
  2. Cut image to size
  3. Immerse paper in water for just 30 seconds and apply to any Porcelain/China Plate for perfect results! (Also works on Ceramic Tiles, and other similar products)

Our special paper works with inkjet printers, colour laser copiers or colour laser printers. You can save money by grouping several photos/designs onto one sheet.

Once your Plate has been decorated with a photo, there are no tell tale signs as the print looks as if it was created when the Plate was manufactured! Another big benefit of using this type of new technology is that you do not end up using the original photo(s).

Decorative Candles

Exciting new opportunities continue to open with Creative Printers!

Decorating Candles with Photographs, Messages or Corporate Logos has become big business. Once again, using our Creative Copy Films, there is no need to invest in any equipment or chemicals - simply use your inkjet printer or colour copy onto our special CCF paper and away you go!

Now you can create unique Candles for Special Gifts, Special Occasions, Weddings, Christenings, Birthdays, Personalised Presents and much much more! The application of our special Candle Paper is the same as it is for Porcelain/China Plates.

Tattoo Paper
(Sorry but this items is not currently available)

Create temporary Tattoos and Fingernail Decals using our unique two part special paper. What is more impressive is the fact that you can use your inkjet printer to create the designs! The market for Temporary Tattoos and Fingernail Decals is booming - be a part of it!

Create instant Tattoos etc. For friends, family and even businesses! Don't miss out on this great opportunity.

For European Countries (EEC), please add 17.5% VAT to all prices unless exempted. 
All prices subject to shipping charges.

Magnetic Inkjet Paper now available!

Produce magnetic business cards, fridge magnets right from your inkjet printer!

Only 50  ($73) per pack of 25 sheets

Cost of Creative Copy Film (for inkjet or colour laser printer/copiers)

Paper Size: 8.5" x 11"
Only 40 ($58.40) per pack of 25 sheets
Fixative spray (150ml) 4.99
per can (Only required for inkjet paper)

(For European Countries, please add 17.5% VAT unless exempted)

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